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Are you ready to be a Reporter

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There will be a few things you will need to invest in , such as a microphone best is I rig, from Sam ash store or best buy, also a Tripod: I have one that works great with my I phone 8 plus in case I do not have a camera man with me.
Your First assignment: is to write me a letter Why do you want to be a reporter or Beauty queen reporter, who do you want to interview, what career do you want me to wrap your interviews around, I have a reporters note book that you will be able to follow along, with my teachings. Also make a video the same thing, up load to you tube and tag DawnReese Do you want to be a reporter, and send to me, make sure you have a great back drop and good lighting, if you are needing help with get your equipment I will help you what is in your area or giving you some of the stores that send it to you> Are you ready to get started Lets Go